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rolling with my homiesss.

we are SO bringing back the lj!!

so lets begin..

lauries about me is amazing..and im pretty sure thats going to be my new one.

ive been missing the lj and its DEFINITELY time to bring this bitch back...so thats start with life...

its good..not great but whatever..you live with it..and move on..

PROJECT RUNWAY comes back on tonight!! thank god! but i have to watch it the next time its on..not the 10 one because tinos PRECIOUS UFC garbage (which im actually now enjoying..dont tell..) is going to be on..so we HAVE to watch that...WHATEVER..

so monday..got really drunk and now ive decided NO more liquor for awhile...sticking with beer or wine...maybe an occasionally jager here and there..haha..but no MORE liquor for a LONG WHILE...well actually maybe till december 8th..because thats my sisters engagement party...and the parentals will be buying the liquor...SO FREE BOOZE YAY!

im excited about my sisters wedding..im going to be the maid of honor..which is actually a BIG surprise considering i never thought i would be it...


so i dont feel like typing anymore..maybe later..

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