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so life in the home front---not so great..

tinos sister NEVER keeps the air on..and whats even worse she turns off the breaker so we cant turn it on...SO NICE OF HER..she says the electric bill is like 500 dollars...ill tell you how it got that way...BITCH pay the bill...stupid C!@!$#%@#$...

NEVERMIND ABOUT THAT SITUATION..i dont want to get mad..

so right now in life..im kinda in a BLAH moment..im bored with work, school, and this living situation...i just cant wait to move out and get a place with tino..so i can decorate and do whatever the hell i want to do in the house---hell sit naked on the couch eating ice cream while watching tv--(so saw that at paradise lakes when i worked there...thats another story..)

i should so write a book about paradise and that year and a half of my life...that was some crazy times..i always say i want to write...but my procrastinating ass just wont do it..

so ill be in orlando next friday, saturday, and sunday...friday to help the 'rents to decorate the house for kate and jeff's engagement party...after that..i think i want to do some drinknig with my orlando buddies--- i miss them! saturday is the party...its only 3 hours and then my parents got a party bus to take the wedding party downtown i think..so dear god im going to be WASTEDDDD...oh and my sister wants a louge (spelled sooo wrong) for the party..and im just like nanny will love that one...shes going to be like "why is erin always under that ice sculpture thing..what is she doing???" NAG NAG NAG..i love her though...crazy old fart..

sunday will be RECOVERY day...fo sho.. i think im suppose to be back in tampa for some baby shower...but i doubt ill be making that..

oh so yestreday i decided to do that mystic tan thing..where they spray it on you and whatever...and im not going to lie...im looking NICE and TAN...without the whole burning myself...so i recommend it if youre looking for a tan..

oh and any ideas what i should do with my long ass hair?? its needs a makeover...i think im going to chop it all off like i did two years ago...we'll see..


i dont want to go to work tomorrow...or ever really...but at least i have the weekend off..

alright everybody...good night.

going to watch some hbo on demand---curb your enthusiasm is calling my name...LOVE THAT SHOW..and im pretty sure i agree with everything larry david says..

okay bye bye.
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