::♥Erin♥:: (exotic_e) wrote,

dude i wanted to put run by collecive soul my main song on myspace and its was IMPOSSIBLE!!! i love/d that song!

whiskey and me are crazy!

i CAN NOT believe one of the fab five are pregnant! i just dont know how to deal! its crazy..this generation you just think 24 is so young to have a kid but i guess it isnt...its crazy! if i was pregnant i wounldnt even know what the fuck to do!!! ray..this is just crazy and congrats! i guess thats all i can say..

so this past year was just for growing and figuring out AGAIN what the HELL do you want to do in your life ERIN!!!! i figured it out...a couple of years ago..but it was like this year and last where i was like DUH ERIN this is what you want!! ive always been crazy about teeth..if you were my friend/family you would know that...but now its like wow erin why didnt you think of this before??? i love teeth i love people i love interaction i love eric clapton music and phil collins and elton john!! why not work in a dental office!! and of course be a dental hygienist! i always floss my own teeth at a dinner table..after anything i eat, i also compliment people abouth their teeth, i just love teeth in general..its the perfect conclusion...so once i get to the hygienist part..im hoping (keep finger crossed....for a very long time...) to become a dentist in ten or so years tops...thats my dream for the future dont make fun...im just jotting my ideas down right now..but thats for sure

ps---i love pandora radio..if you just type counting crows..they give you the best plasylist..right now they are playing omaha..dude.if i had money i would have a ranch in nebraska...scratch that...whyoming..its seems so pretty there..the plains and my horses running around..dude thgats paradise if ive ever called it before!

and of course i would have my main house in hawaii
and a cabin in north carolina for my parents..

thats all..no bmw or crazy shit like that..i would spend my money on property and vacations!!! make it happen God..PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

thats the end of my rant..miss my el jay buddies!!! love ya---same old erin!
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