::♥Erin♥:: (exotic_e) wrote,

writing in the el jay..

im writing in the el jay..and gladly i can say this is the first time in a long time i am writing in this..and IM NOT DRUNK! hahaha

im so excited because in two weeks im moving out of this hell hole..and moving into the new place with tino and josh..(my gay bffe)...so that will totally be better than living with slobs who dont know how to do anything for themselves..i hate them and the anxiety that builds because of them!


loving tampa..so glad im here..but i will always miss otown :(.. im really thinking about moving to Tennessee or north carolina or somewhere in that facility because im ready for somewhere new..i was ready to move to wisconsin for tino..but that fell through..and im kinda glad it did because a. its pretty fair from everybody i know and b. ive never driven in snow or really ever lived in it..so that would be a LITTLE awkward..

alright im peacing out..watching harold and kumar part deuce..
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