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to all you douchebags out there....

WHY OH WHY...cant roommates work?

My first one at USF..sucked..she had this boyfriend who called her at like 3 am every night which i wouldnt mind..but she wouldnt let me watch tv past 1 am because she couldnt sleep..but if her damn boyfriend called..it was okay to disrupt me..FUCK YOU ASHLEY!

Second roommates...were cool..until 2 out of the 3 moved out..and were replaced by DOUCHEBAGS! I never really stayed at that apartment anyways because i was always at tinos..but the one time i came back all my pictures were either off my wall..or hanging upside down..and they PEED in my victoria secret bra drawer..FUCK YOU I FORGOT YOUR NAMES!!!

Third roommate (kinda) was when i was over tinos all the time..hes roommate josh was alright (at the time) but hes girlfriend was the biggest piece of shit..she didnt even live there and was telling them what to do..tino wanted nothing to do with her and said because she didnt pay bills or rent..she can go fuck herself!! SO FUCK YOU KATIE!!!

Fourth roomate..well it was two...DIRTIEST people i will ever meet...left trash and didnt clean shit..i cleaned all the time and once i was done..guess who would come on by and dirty it up again? ya..the douches..they were ignorant and thought they were so smart...two of the stupidest people i know..dont ever want to see them again..and wouldnt mind if they were eaten by an alligator..one of which still owes like 200 dollars...FUCK YOU BRANDON AND JOSH!

and to the current roommate...we are just in month 2 or 3..and i already want to FREAK OUT!! hasnt paid the last two months worth of water electric or cable/internet...supposedly has two jobs..and his mom pays for his rent...leaves shit on and uses electricity like its his job..after i clean everything..dirties it up..hasnt taken out trash or really done dishes..really doesnt do shit..i was friends with him before all this..now he doesnt talk to us...why?? NO CLUE..YOUR THE DOUCHE WHO DOESNT DO SHIT!!! FUCK YOU JOSH! (a different one than the on above)

SOOOOO...note to self..this is the last roommate i will ever have..we werent even going to have a roommate this time around..but i thought hes a gay guy im friends with him...hes gotta be clean...NOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!

ARGHHHH..so if he doesnt pay by the 3rd or 4th...im going down to the leasing office and saying i want to get another apartment..without him on the lease..im hoping and praying i can do this!!!

sorry for the rant..but i cant do this anywhere else..i have all the other DOUCHES on my facebook and myspace...now that i think about it..not sure why..definitely arent friends.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

seriously..i really am the easiest person to live with..i just keep getting jipped and PISSED on...and i cant take it anymore!!!

thank you! and peace..going to drink some merlot and watch dexter...at least i pay the cable to do so! man im an old fart!
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