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i counted

[24 Apr 2010|12:22am]
"Does the brain control you or are you controlling the brain? I don't know if I'm in charge of mine." karl pilkington

He is fucking hysterical!

i would love to be in his head for a day or two...

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to all you douchebags out there.... [27 Sep 2009|10:38pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

WHY OH WHY...cant roommates work?

My first one at USF..sucked..she had this boyfriend who called her at like 3 am every night which i wouldnt mind..but she wouldnt let me watch tv past 1 am because she couldnt sleep..but if her damn boyfriend called..it was okay to disrupt me..FUCK YOU ASHLEY!

Second roommates...were cool..until 2 out of the 3 moved out..and were replaced by DOUCHEBAGS! I never really stayed at that apartment anyways because i was always at tinos..but the one time i came back all my pictures were either off my wall..or hanging upside down..and they PEED in my victoria secret bra drawer..FUCK YOU I FORGOT YOUR NAMES!!!

Third roommate (kinda) was when i was over tinos all the time..hes roommate josh was alright (at the time) but hes girlfriend was the biggest piece of shit..she didnt even live there and was telling them what to do..tino wanted nothing to do with her and said because she didnt pay bills or rent..she can go fuck herself!! SO FUCK YOU KATIE!!!

Fourth roomate..well it was two...DIRTIEST people i will ever meet...left trash and didnt clean shit..i cleaned all the time and once i was done..guess who would come on by and dirty it up again? ya..the douches..they were ignorant and thought they were so smart...two of the stupidest people i know..dont ever want to see them again..and wouldnt mind if they were eaten by an alligator..one of which still owes like 200 dollars...FUCK YOU BRANDON AND JOSH!

and to the current roommate...we are just in month 2 or 3..and i already want to FREAK OUT!! hasnt paid the last two months worth of water electric or cable/internet...supposedly has two jobs..and his mom pays for his rent...leaves shit on and uses electricity like its his job..after i clean everything..dirties it up..hasnt taken out trash or really done dishes..really doesnt do shit..i was friends with him before all this..now he doesnt talk to us...why?? NO CLUE..YOUR THE DOUCHE WHO DOESNT DO SHIT!!! FUCK YOU JOSH! (a different one than the on above)

SOOOOO...note to self..this is the last roommate i will ever have..we werent even going to have a roommate this time around..but i thought hes a gay guy im friends with him...hes gotta be clean...NOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!

ARGHHHH..so if he doesnt pay by the 3rd or 4th...im going down to the leasing office and saying i want to get another apartment..without him on the lease..im hoping and praying i can do this!!!

sorry for the rant..but i cant do this anywhere else..i have all the other DOUCHES on my facebook and myspace...now that i think about it..not sure why..definitely arent friends.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

seriously..i really am the easiest person to live with..i just keep getting jipped and PISSED on...and i cant take it anymore!!!

thank you! and peace..going to drink some merlot and watch dexter...at least i pay the cable to do so! man im an old fart!

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[04 Jul 2009|08:00pm]
happy 4th! its one of my favorite holidays!!

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[03 Jun 2009|03:35am]
is it weird that i find this guy extremely attractive and i love him?

“I can write good songs. I can sing 'em, and I mean it, I mean it deeply, and I pour everything into that. Other than that, I suck.”

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writing in the el jay.. [03 Jun 2009|02:52am]
im writing in the el jay..and gladly i can say this is the first time in a long time i am writing in this..and IM NOT DRUNK! hahaha

im so excited because in two weeks im moving out of this hell hole..and moving into the new place with tino and josh..(my gay bffe)...so that will totally be better than living with slobs who dont know how to do anything for themselves..i hate them and the anxiety that builds because of them!


loving tampa..so glad im here..but i will always miss otown :(.. im really thinking about moving to Tennessee or north carolina or somewhere in that facility because im ready for somewhere new..i was ready to move to wisconsin for tino..but that fell through..and im kinda glad it did because a. its pretty fair from everybody i know and b. ive never driven in snow or really ever lived in it..so that would be a LITTLE awkward..

alright im peacing out..watching harold and kumar part deuce..

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[11 Mar 2009|05:42am]
dude i wanted to put run by collecive soul my main song on myspace and its was IMPOSSIBLE!!! i love/d that song!

whiskey and me are crazy!

i CAN NOT believe one of the fab five are pregnant! i just dont know how to deal! its crazy..this generation you just think 24 is so young to have a kid but i guess it isnt...its crazy! if i was pregnant i wounldnt even know what the fuck to do!!! ray..this is just crazy and congrats! i guess thats all i can say..

so this past year was just for growing and figuring out AGAIN what the HELL do you want to do in your life ERIN!!!! i figured it out...a couple of years ago..but it was like this year and last where i was like DUH ERIN this is what you want!! ive always been crazy about teeth..if you were my friend/family you would know that...but now its like wow erin why didnt you think of this before??? i love teeth i love people i love interaction i love eric clapton music and phil collins and elton john!! why not work in a dental office!! and of course be a dental hygienist! i always floss my own teeth at a dinner table..after anything i eat, i also compliment people abouth their teeth, i just love teeth in general..its the perfect conclusion...so once i get to the hygienist part..im hoping (keep finger crossed....for a very long time...) to become a dentist in ten or so years tops...thats my dream for the future dont make fun...im just jotting my ideas down right now..but thats for sure

ps---i love pandora radio..if you just type counting crows..they give you the best plasylist..right now they are playing omaha..dude.if i had money i would have a ranch in nebraska...scratch that...whyoming..its seems so pretty there..the plains and my horses running around..dude thgats paradise if ive ever called it before!

and of course i would have my main house in hawaii
and a cabin in north carolina for my parents..

thats all..no bmw or crazy shit like that..i would spend my money on property and vacations!!! make it happen God..PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

thats the end of my rant..miss my el jay buddies!!! love ya---same old erin!

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[25 Apr 2008|12:55am]
[ mood | drunk ]

dude i just noticed two things...

i only write in my livejournal when im a little tipsy..


i am VERY corny when i write drunk..

i just read my previous entry and i was like wow...im corny and probably annoying to most..but whateve..hahaha

i dont feel like typing anymore..but i do miss the days when i loved loved loved writing in the lj..

i swear i will write a decent entry one day...SOON..

i counted

sdklfgjskgm.. [15 Feb 2008|01:57am]
god its ridiculous how much i missed my boyfriend when he was away on hes little business trip..its pathetic i know..but im just thankful i have an amazing relationship with him...im pretty sure i never thought that would happen...its pretty much the only stable thing in my life.

now that all the corny shits out of the way...haha..

im watching almost famous...and one of my favorite songs of all time is tiny dancer..and i just love LOVE love that scene when they start singing it on the bus..it just makes me wish i was a groupie going on some awesome tour having the time of my life..ha


so if my boyfriends business does well he gets to pick a place to move to and start his own territory...and weve always agreed either Denver or Boulder..because we both would love the weather and i have some family there and it would be an amazing new beginning...I WANT TO MOVE TOMORROW!!!

i guess thats it im going to type write now...but heres a little video for all of you to enjoy!!

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need of change.. [01 Feb 2008|03:00am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

a couple years ago i had a revelation...after a "certain" situation happened in my life..

my revelation was to join the peace corps.

did i follow through?


do i EVER follow through?


So right now I am writing. I am writing that it is time for a change. I seriously need to STOP talking and START doing. Serious this time.

You know when you just get to a point in your life where its like---where the hell am i going with this? And I'm done with figuring it out, Ive thought it through enough...now I just have to go out and do it.

Funny thing is..i came down to TWO no well actually THREE things i really REALLY wanted to do in my life....but I was high at the time when i figured out the third thing...so im sticking to my two..pathetic i know...but thats life and thats erin..


1. patent my damn idea ive been saying i would but never have.


2. travel as much as possible.

while writing this down i thought of two more..but i guess its will just be a sub whatever...

continue writing what ive been writing.. and make a new list

a list should be more than two..thats just pathetic.

i wish i was motivated.

i wish i would stop wishing and just start doing..

pathetic lj entry...i know...but life...its just too much for a life time.

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hi [30 Nov 2007|12:57am]
[ mood | blah ]

so life in the home front---not so great..

tinos sister NEVER keeps the air on..and whats even worse she turns off the breaker so we cant turn it on...SO NICE OF HER..she says the electric bill is like 500 dollars...ill tell you how it got that way...BITCH pay the bill...stupid C!@!$#%@#$...

NEVERMIND ABOUT THAT SITUATION..i dont want to get mad..

so right now in life..im kinda in a BLAH moment..im bored with work, school, and this living situation...i just cant wait to move out and get a place with tino..so i can decorate and do whatever the hell i want to do in the house---hell sit naked on the couch eating ice cream while watching tv--(so saw that at paradise lakes when i worked there...thats another story..)

i should so write a book about paradise and that year and a half of my life...that was some crazy times..i always say i want to write...but my procrastinating ass just wont do it..

so ill be in orlando next friday, saturday, and sunday...friday to help the 'rents to decorate the house for kate and jeff's engagement party...after that..i think i want to do some drinknig with my orlando buddies--- i miss them! saturday is the party...its only 3 hours and then my parents got a party bus to take the wedding party downtown i think..so dear god im going to be WASTEDDDD...oh and my sister wants a louge (spelled sooo wrong) for the party..and im just like nanny will love that one...shes going to be like "why is erin always under that ice sculpture thing..what is she doing???" NAG NAG NAG..i love her though...crazy old fart..

sunday will be RECOVERY day...fo sho.. i think im suppose to be back in tampa for some baby shower...but i doubt ill be making that..

oh so yestreday i decided to do that mystic tan thing..where they spray it on you and whatever...and im not going to lie...im looking NICE and TAN...without the whole burning myself...so i recommend it if youre looking for a tan..

oh and any ideas what i should do with my long ass hair?? its needs a makeover...i think im going to chop it all off like i did two years ago...we'll see..


i dont want to go to work tomorrow...or ever really...but at least i have the weekend off..

alright everybody...good night.

going to watch some hbo on demand---curb your enthusiasm is calling my name...LOVE THAT SHOW..and im pretty sure i agree with everything larry david says..

okay bye bye.

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question.. [27 Nov 2007|10:04pm]
do you have to get an engagement present for an engagement party?

just wondering..

i WANT to decorate in the apartment but i dont think the roommate (tinos sister) would like that...shes being such a bitch lately..


4 stars i counted

what up [20 Nov 2007|10:06pm]
so i have to work 4:45 am on black friday...OY VEY...

im thinking about decorating for christmas this weekend...so excited!!

im just been working my ass off the past couple of weeks..so if i havent talked to you in awhile...im sorry..especially laurie!

okay im going to go now..

im just showing you that i will be keeping up with the el jay!

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rolling with my homiesss. [14 Nov 2007|09:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

we are SO bringing back the lj!!

so lets begin..

lauries about me is amazing..and im pretty sure thats going to be my new one.

ive been missing the lj and its DEFINITELY time to bring this bitch back...so thats start with life...

its good..not great but whatever..you live with it..and move on..

PROJECT RUNWAY comes back on tonight!! thank god! but i have to watch it the next time its on..not the 10 one because tinos PRECIOUS UFC garbage (which im actually now enjoying..dont tell..) is going to be on..so we HAVE to watch that...WHATEVER..

so monday..got really drunk and now ive decided NO more liquor for awhile...sticking with beer or wine...maybe an occasionally jager here and there..haha..but no MORE liquor for a LONG WHILE...well actually maybe till december 8th..because thats my sisters engagement party...and the parentals will be buying the liquor...SO FREE BOOZE YAY!

im excited about my sisters wedding..im going to be the maid of honor..which is actually a BIG surprise considering i never thought i would be it...


so i dont feel like typing anymore..maybe later..


i counted

heyyy all my lj buddies! [23 Mar 2007|08:37pm]
wow i havent used the lj in a longggg time...and it makes me sad :(..

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[20 Sep 2006|02:22am]
dear jesus,
im a slut.

oh and ps- i am going to be 22 in 23 days..i am one old mother fucker.

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[04 Apr 2006|09:10pm]
exotic_e's LiveJournal popularity rating is 3.20/10.
exotic_e is more popular than 92.5% of all LiveJournal users.
exotic_e is more popular than 72.4% of their mutual friends.

How popular are you?
LJ Popularity created by thehumangame.

i sorta DONT get this..

THURSDAY =sssss NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK ROAD TRIP!!!! cant wait..and im making a stop at chapel hill to see my bffeeeee..aka SS4LYFE..

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[20 Feb 2006|06:59pm]
hey hey heyyy hey.

jacuzzi was fun with megan and krystin and sparks.

and the bubble boys.


okay bye!!

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[09 Feb 2006|01:06pm]
<td align="center"> erin dilts --

Tastes like fried chicken

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

oh i like it.

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[04 Jan 2006|04:11pm]


that was my head exploding.

i feel like crap and i seriously never get sick---damn you TAMPA damn you!

alrighty..that is all. job search 2006 is still in progress..

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[21 Dec 2005|12:45am]

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