::♥Erin♥:: (exotic_e) wrote,


god its ridiculous how much i missed my boyfriend when he was away on hes little business trip..its pathetic i know..but im just thankful i have an amazing relationship with him...im pretty sure i never thought that would happen...its pretty much the only stable thing in my life.

now that all the corny shits out of the way...haha..

im watching almost famous...and one of my favorite songs of all time is tiny dancer..and i just love LOVE love that scene when they start singing it on the bus..it just makes me wish i was a groupie going on some awesome tour having the time of my life..ha


so if my boyfriends business does well he gets to pick a place to move to and start his own territory...and weve always agreed either Denver or Boulder..because we both would love the weather and i have some family there and it would be an amazing new beginning...I WANT TO MOVE TOMORROW!!!

i guess thats it im going to type write now...but heres a little video for all of you to enjoy!!
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